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Rothman Healthcare Research, LLC.
3905 State Street, Suite 7-231
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
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Who We Are

Dr. Duncan Finlay became CEO of Rothman Healthcare Research, LLC, in February of 2008 after acting as medical advisor and as a passionate supporter of the Rothman Index development project for four years. Dr. Finlay brings experience from both sides of the health care world to Rothman Healthcare Research. He spent 24 years as a practicing physician, is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease and Sleep Medicine, and is a fellow of the College of Chest Physicians and the American Sleep Disorders Association. After 3 years as Chief Medical Officer, he was President and CEO of Sarasota Memorial Hospital from 2000 to 2005, a period during which the organization received recognition and numerous awards, including nursing Magnet status and a listing as a top 50 hospital by US News and World Report. Dr. Finlay received his BS and MD degrees from the University of Florida, where he was elected to AOA medical honorary society. He completed his postgraduate fellowships in Clinical Pharmacology and Pulmonary Disease at Emory University.

Michael Rothman, President of RHR, brings extensive data analysis expertise to the Rothman Healthcare Research team. He is president and founder of Michael Rothman & Associates, was Senior Vice President of Strategic Information at First USA Bank, and also worked as an executive consultant and principal for IBM Consulting Group. He has received 2 patents for his work in customer data analysis. Michael received his bachelor.s and master.s degree in chemistry from Brown University, and a doctorate in Physical Chemistry from the University of Michigan.

Steven I. Rothman, Systems Analyst for RHR, contributes experience in systems engineering and computer software/hardware designing to the team. He is also the current Chairman of Zavanna USA, and worked for the MITRE Corporation. Steven received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1969, and his M.S.E.M. from Northeastern University in 1972.

George Almasi, Chief Technical Officer and Software Architect for RHR, brings an in-depth knowledge of systems programming, data analysis, and computer processing with his background as the Vice President for Technology at Michael Rothman and Associates, and as the former Senior Manager, professor, and research staff member on the Blue Gene Project and Parallel Applications & Algorithms Group for IBM. He is also the author of 40 published papers and 4 books, the holder of 21 patents, and a Fellow of the IEEE. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Daniel Rothman, Business Developer for RHR, brings a combination of entrepreneurial, academic, and research based expertise to the Rothman team. He was founder and director of Axon Potential, manager of NightPilot, and lab manager for Brown University's Virtual Environment Navigation Lab. Daniel received his B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University, and is currently pursuing his MBA with a focus on Healthcare from University of California at Irvine.