Michael Rothman & Associates, LLC
What We Do

Michael Rothman & Associates has expertise in data mining as well as in the broader area of data analysis. We apply our skills and tools — especially custom-crafted visualization tools — to extract business value from such analyses.

We create intellectual capital in the form of traditional consulting, patents, software, and joint ventures that lead to new products.

Michael Rothman & Associates' two senior partners provide the company with a strong set of complementary skills and experiences. Our founder, Michael Rothman, has been a senior executive in the banking industry, a principal in a consulting practice, a system designer, and a business data analyst. Our Director of Technology, George Almasi, has been a senior manager at IBM, a pioneer in the field of parallel supercomputers, author of portions of IBM's Intelligent Miner data mining software, and creator of numerous visualization programs. Both partners are patent-holding inventors, and have both done original research at IBM's T. J. Watson Laboratories. The sum of this provides the basis for both high value executive consulting and key application development.

If a report, however prescient, sits on a shelf, its impact on a business will be minimal. We have created a delivery tool, our premier explorer, which enables our customers to take the information that might sit in a report or a spreadsheet, and make it active. With premier explorer one can: construct complex comparisons, scan large articles, predict future sales, find and examine key drivers, and extract or print or plot. A major pharmaceutical firm currently uses premier explorer to understand the full potential of new drugs. Our desktop software interfaces with ORACLE©, Microsoft Access©, IBM's DB2©, and MYSQL. It runs in Windows, Linux, or Macintosh environments. Our intuitive interface makes it accessible to the executive and valuable to the analyst.

Special projects led by the partners from prior work include:

  • An analysis of drug sales which has led to understanding of factors which lead to long-term sales growth, and development of a delivery system for this data.
  • A score extraction method for mining data in disparate stovepipe databases. This involves an approach which has general applicability, and which is useful even before the databases have been merged. We are contacting government offices to offer this approach toward improving data quality for homeland security.
  • An improved method for bankruptcy prediction, which refined the ubiquitous FICO score method and which was developed while mining a credit bureau's 1 Terabyte data warehouse.
  • Algorithmic design and support for a "personalized recommendation" function for supermarket shoppers.

Both principals of Michael Rothman & Associates have held executive positions with responsibility for multi-million dollar projects. Both principals also have extensive hands-on experience in data analysis, data mining, and tool design. This is part of the unique value we offer as consultants.

Michael J. Rothman's resumé

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