Michael Rothman & Associates, LLC

Premier Explorer
Our data exploration and visualization program for a major pharmaceutical firm.

Finding Terrorists
A proposal to use our bankruptcy prediction methods for Homeland Security

Bankruptcy Prediction
The Credit Bureau case study

A Data Mining Visualizer
Presentation at DIMACS2002 Datamining & Visualization Workshop
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Kmap Visualizer paper
More detailed description of a custom visualizer and examples of its use
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Personalization of Supermarket Product Recommendations
Successful personalized recommendations via data mining
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Patent 6,260,036: Parallel Algorithm for Sparse Data Mining Problems
10X - 100X faster extraction of data patterns

Patent 6,505,168: Extracting Customer Preferences
Our patented method for extracting information from disparate databases

Patent 6,556,979: Identifying Consumer Credit Revolvers
Method and system for identifying consumer credit revolvers with neural network time series segmentation

Patent Appl. 20030208438: Extracting Value from Depth of Relationship
Hooks multiple assets together to optimize cash flow and credit supply

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