Sea Cloud Bell'Italia Pictures and Music

Highlights -   If you have only 4 minutes, take this brisk tour of our time in Rome and the Vatican, our sail on the magnificent Sea Cloud to Sardinia, Corsica, and Elba, and our visits to Pisa and Florence. To see hi-def (but silent!) versions of these pictures, click here.

Rome -   A reception atop the Vittorio Emanuel monument, a leisurely morning walk with stops at a local deli, wineshop, Buffalo Bill's favorite coffee shop, and a gelateria, and an evening visit to the Vatican's treasures (6 minutes).

Sea Cloud Herself -   Dedicated in a spirit of fun to this unique ship and her sailors -- crew and passengers. (3:34)
Sardinia and Corsica -   Past Sardinia's "Sleeping Giant" cliffs to Sunday Mass and a stroll around the old town of Alghero, and then the spectacular fjord of Corsica's Bonifacio and its cliff-top views. (3:52)
Elba -   Napoleon wasn't kept in prison here - the British just demoted him to emperor of a very small place, which he whipped into shape in 10 months and then escaped to fight at Waterloo. Our Sea Cloud shared the harbor with a very different vessel, the floating condominium "The World". Walk through the old town, tour Napoleon's residence, and enjoy Mary Chapin Carpenter's languid "What if we went to Italy".
Pisa and Florence -   Yes, I finally climbed the damn tower (huff, puff). Pisa's cathedral complex is beautiful, and Florence is still magical -- Michelangelo, Lorenzo, the Duomo, the Doors of Paradise, the Ponte Vecchio, the artisans, the museums, the food, the shops. (4 minutes).