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Almasi Consulting LLC

This web site describes the computer-related consulting services provided by Almasi Consulting LLC. Here you can find out more about our experience and capabilities and see a sampling of work that we've done and techniques that we can apply. You can take a look at George S. Almasi's resume .

Our latest project is a .Net-based "Early Warning" patient monitoring system based on the new Rothman Index Health Score and now installed for test at a major hospital. We provide much of the software for Michael Rothman & Associates, where I also serve as VP for Technology. Our java-based Sales Data Explorer is in use at major pharmaceutical companies. We have years of database experience including DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.

Previous work includes data mining and creation of visualization software for exploring the results of data mining, computer simulations, and business-related data. Click the links under "Visualizer" in the panel on the left to see documentation or a demo.

Our Color Tester uses Java Swing and provides a useful tool when designing a web site. Editable Schedule uses PHP and an SQL database, both of which we have used extensively.

The Wine Recommender listed on the left is an outgrowth of a Personalized Recommender for a PDA-based remote shopping system that I helped to develop for Safeway UK while at IBM.

The whimsical on-line bass guitar (it can be made to sound like a tuba) is a by-product of a more serious study of using sound to augment the information provided by a supercomputer performance visualizer that I created at IBM. You can try a demo of the BlueGene visualizer .

I created and maintain the following web sites:


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